I was born in Tehran on January 1983.
The first chapter of my life was a childhood influenced by the
highly emotional turmoils of the post revolutionary days in Iran.
At age 10, I moved to New York with my family & started the second chapter of my life in the Bronx.
I began painting at age 13 while attending the specialized school in Lincoln Center;
Fiorello H. La Guardia of Arts & performing Arts.
My paintings encapsulate a variety of subjects that are captured in a
delicate nature, all of which are infused with abstract & pop Art.
All the paintings shown are based on drawings, hand painted on canvas with Acrylic paint.
For availability, size and translation please contact me.
My artwork is a reflection of my journey through life as a bi-cultural experience.
Despite all the challenges I have faced in the past & the new obstacles life will bring,
my undeniable drive for Art remains strong. This passion is what truly completes & fuels me.
I currently live in Manhattan with my dog, Picasso.